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In 2019, a CDC Strategic Plan was created to serve as the blueprint for Emerson-Franklin. It is a locally-driven document that aligns with the vision and actions of community organizations and businesses. The Plan will be reviewed annually to remain consistent with this evolving vision.

>>Click here to review the 2019 Strategic Plan

The CDC Initiatives target the objectives of the Strategic Plan. Here's what we've done so far!

Pillar 1: Port Authority and Service Corridor Development 

Attract New Retail | Service Businesses | Increase Trade at the Border

A major and exciting project for the CDC over the past year has been the development of a major Economic Development Zone along Hwy #75 and the advancement of the Emerson Port Authority concept.


Major advancement on the creation of the economic zone and the Authority has happened with extensive buy in by all levels of government and key stakeholders. To inform the economic development potential, a nationally recognized economist was retained to study the concept and put an economic development value to it:

  • About 2,849 person years of direct, indirect and induced employment

  • About $279 million in direct, indirect and induced economic activity

  • About $279 million in net contribution to GDP

  • About $176 million in personal income tied to the creation of direct, indirect and induced jobs

  • Some $106 million in operating business earnings

  • Some $77 million in tax revenues and other charges for various levels of government 

Pillar 2: Infrastructure 

Improve infrastructure

A major success of the last year was the advancement of critical regional road infrastructure improvements to relieve burden on users due to weight restrictions. Spearheaded by the CDC, the municipalities of Stuartburn and Piney collaborated on a report that has been submitted to Manitoba Infrastructure to undertake a phased improvement approach to upgrade Hwy 201. 

The CDC identified the implementation of a municipal wide digital technology upgrade as one of its priority actions for 2019. Through community conversations, consistent and high quality broadband was identified as necessary to keep residents and attract new ones, along with servicing businesses. 

The municipality has engaged a private internet provider, Valley Fiber to provide state of the art services to the community. There are towers going into DC and Emerson with repeater towers being phased in for the eastern area of the Municipality. This opportunity will resolve a massive gap in the community’s ability to provide a quality of service provided in most other communities and enhance the ability to do business. 

Improve Telecommunications Service

Pillar 3: Community Development

Attract and Retain Young Families

The inaugural strategic plan for the CDC included actions to attract young families to the entire municipality by putting emphasis on creating a great environment in which to do business, have housing available that meets desired preferences and community amenities. 

The focus has been initially on looking a projects to stimulate jobs and investment. Key actions identified in this past year and have work completed towards them include:

  • The establishment of an Economic Development Zone along Hwy 75 to accommodate new businesses in a new commercial/business park. 

  • Tourism inventory and community based project identification. 

Over the past year, an in depth tourism inventory was completed looking at community based tourism ideas such as tours and small scale ideas. The Power of 10+ placemaking concept is being employed to look at opportunities to incorporate ideas in each community. This concept focuses on connecting new and existing tourism assets (at least 10) to reach a critical mass.

The concept of destination tourism is also being explored by the CDC, looking at opportunities to bring people into the community from within the region and Winnipeg to take part in community events. Linkages with event organizers are being made along with tourism operators to consider the municipality as a destination. 

Develop Tourism Opportunities

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